Movement wants Atupele Muluzi to stand for presidency in 2025


A youth movement called Friends of Atupele Muluzi has asked Atupele Muluzi to  stand for presidency during the 2025 general elections because they want Malawi to be led by a young person.

Speaking to Malawi24,  Daniel Chirambo who is the National Coordinator of the movement said Malawi has for a long time been led by old people and they have never helped this country as far as development is concerned and these old people believe in ideologies that do not conform to the modern way of developing the Country.

“As youth from South , Centre, East and North we have agreed that Dr Atupele Muluzi should lead this country come 2025 and we also discussed how we can take this country to another level and in our meeting today we have actually agreed that we will follow Dr Atupele Muluzi to become our leader.

“And let me say it here that there is no one here that you would say is from United Democratic Front (UDF) and we are not coming here as a party as UDF but we are here as Malawians that are willing to make sure that Malawi is really led by a young blood,” explained Chirambo.

According to Chirambo, their movement is not funded by anyone and members of the movement are the ones contributing to make the movement move forward and no one is giving them financial support.

Chirambo also noted that it will not matter to them which party Muluzi will represent on the ballot since all they want is Atupele to lead the country.

Muluzi was United Democratic Front presidential candidate in the 2014 presidential elections and in the now nullified 2019 presidential elections. In 2020 Fresh Presidential Election, was runningmate to Former President Peter Mutharika.

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