Musician Bosco seeks to raise awareness about mental health


Musician Bosco of Welokhamu fame is using his own battle with depression to help fellow youths as part of intervention against the surge in suicide in Malawi.

The initiative comes hot on the heels of his song release on the same.

According to Bosco, he will be hosting sessions on mental health aimed at curtailing the widespread normality of regarding suicide as an option to every obstacle.

“First, we’ll acknowledge to the youth that there are situations in life that would really evoke suicide thoughts in someone. We realise that living in denial won’t solve this issue. So, that will be our first step,” He said

According to Bosco, this approach will help the youths to open up and share their problems.

“When we despise the reasons that compel people to kill themselves, we make them shy to open up,” he said.

He added: “As a person who once went thro depression and came out free, I am doing it to tell people the channels I used to free myself.”

“Currently, I don’t have a specified place but as long as two or more people I can talk to are there, I am doing it.”

His initiative comes at a time Malawi is battling with suicide cases.  Police statistics show that over 200 people have committed suicide this year alone.

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