Minister Hara tells contractor to start works or risk being replaced


Minister of Transport and Public works, Jacob Hara has given Unik Construction, which is constructing a 20 kilometre road stretch from Chikwawa to Bembe in Rumphi District, an ultimatum to start construction works on the road or get replaced.

The Minister made the ultimatum on Saturday when he inspected the road on his way to Chitipa.

Hara said the contractor has been on site for a long time, but there was nothing to show for its presence on site.

“The works here are leaving a lot to be desired. I am not satisfied with the progress. The contractor has been here for quite some time, but we don’t see anything. The camp is up and everything is in place but there is nothing on the ground.

“So, I have issued a stern warning to the contractor and we have given him one week to bring gravel testing equipment at the site.   We are nearing the onset of rain and we don’t want to be in a fix when it starts,” said Hara.

Materials Engineer for Unik Construction, Moses Fukiza said the main challenge has been laboratory testing equipment and lack of advance payment for the commencement of the project.

Fukiza, however, said the minister has assured the company of the advance payment that it will be made soon.

Rumphi Civil Society Network Secretary, Lowani Kalua said Rumphi-Nyika Road is of great economic value to the district and the country as a whole as it leads to Nyika National Park which is a tourist attraction site.

The upgrading of Rumphi-Nyika Road is funded by the Government of Malawi and will cost K7.6 billion and is expected to be constructed within 12 months.

Reported by Manasse Nyirenda


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