DJ Khaled jet shopping: Getting personalised Boeing

DJ Khaled Jet shopping Boeing

DJ Khaled is on a window shopping for a new private jet.

The God Did musician shared a series of videos on his Instagram checking out a personalised jet powered Boeing 737 Max.

“I’m just window shopping, I want [to] feel like Drake! I LIKE WHAT DRAKE LIKES” he captioned one of his Insta videos.

The music producer said he is getting himself a jet because he has “decided to travel the world”.

“They want you on a propeller-plane jet. There is nothing wrong with that. But that’s what they want you in. So we decided to get a Boeing. We’re just jet-shopping. I like flying my [Bombardier] Global 7500. I can travel the world in that. I am not saying I am not going to do that. But I just want to feel like Drake. I want to travel the world”, says Khaled in one of the videos.


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