Over 20 passengers injured after minibus driver attempts to evade police


Over 20 passengers have sustained injuries in Blantyre after a minibus crashed into another vehicle as the driver of the minibus was allegedly evading traffic police officers.

Blantyre Police spokesperson Peter Mchiza has confirmed the accident, saying the injured persons have been taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

According to Mchiza, the minibus was coming from Chirimba going to Limbe and after arriving at Kandodo Corner Shop, the driver noticed that there were traffic police officers.

The driver sped the vehicle to evade the officers since the vehicle had exceeded capacity. However, at Clocktower, he saw other traffic police officers and he thought they wanted to arrest him and he kept speeding the vehicle.

“As he was approaching the roundabout, he lost control of his vehicle and hit another vehicle. The minibus overturned following the impact while the other vehicle got damaged at the back.

“About 20 passengers were involved in the accident and they are getting treatment at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital,” said Mchiza.

The minibus driver did not sustain injuries during the accident and when he was interviewed by police, the driver said  he was not running away from the officers but his vehicle developed a fault.

“He said the brakes were not properly functioning and that is why he failed to stop the minibus and ended up plowing into another vehicle,” said Mchiza.

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