Bushiri disburses scholarship money to over 300 students


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says he has disbursed scholarship money to over 300 students who are under his bursary scheme.

Prophet Bushiri launched the bursary scheme in April this year which targets 5000 underprivileged Malawian students in secondary and universities, both in private and public institutions countrywide.

On Tuesday afternoon September 27, 2022, prophet Bushiri invited about 25 beneficiaries together with Lilongwe City Council officials to his bursary office at Golden Peacock in Lilongwe.

Speaking to members of the media, representative of Prophet Bushiri, Willie Kalonga, said Prophet Bushiri invited the beneficiaries to his office as a matter of confirmation that the bursary is benefiting invisible students.

Kalonga said the Goshen City visionaire wants to be engaging and connecting with the beneficiaries so that they appreciate the objective of the bursary.

“We hosted the students today and we will keep doing it to ensure that our beneficiaries are reminded and encouraged why this bursary was put in place,” he said.

Beneficiaries of this scholarship are encouraged to replicate the favour to other less privileged students once they start working.

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