Nigerian prophet warns Chakwera of corruption: People are blackmailing the Malawi president


Nigerian Prophet Primate Elijah Ayodele has warned President Lazarus Chakwera of corruption and that people in his party and those around the president will betray him.

Primate Ayodele has sent prophetic warnings to o eight African countries including Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome, Malawi, Mali, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Central African Republic (CAR).

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, the man of God warned against some major things that will occur in the countries and what their leaders should expect in the coming days.

‘’In Malawi, opposition will protest against the government because the economy will not be stable and this will cause a kind of critics to be working against the efforts of the government. The president will be indicted in corruption and will be blackmailed. He should be careful in his party and people around him will betray him,’’ Ayodele has said.

According to the prophet, in Sudan, there will be serious protest until the government is removed. He noted that the rulers will ‘shoot’ themselves and create problems for the transition process

‘’In Sudan, The people will protest until they remove the government, the government will not last. The political groups will be fighting for democracy meanwhile the rulers will shoot themselves, they will create problems for transition because they won’t be united. There will be calamities like climatic problems, rebel crisis, flood, building being submerged, soldiers fighting soldiers.’’

In Mali, Primate Ayodele revealed that the Juntas are planning to transit fully to a military rule in the state which the people will resist. He urged them to be careful of another military crisis.

‘’The Malians must be careful because there are things they will take and the political groups will not take it easy as they will fight the juntas. The Junta will want to transform to military government which the people will resist. Mali must be careful of another military crisis.’’

In Central African Republic, Primate Ayodele foresees crisis that will emerge out of the move to change the country’s constitution. He also stated that the president will face coup and assassination attempt as he has plans to force himself to get a third term in office.

‘’Another crisis will rise in Central African Republic and there will be a move to change their constitution and this will cause political crisis. The president must be careful against attacks and assassination attempt. The country’s economy will also be unstable. The people will go against the president of Central Africa Republic third term bid, they won’t trust him again and if he forces himself, there will be coup and attempt to assassinate him.’’

In Sao Tome, Primate Ayodele warned the president to be careful of steps that will make him unpopular and cause oppositions to rise against him. He advised him to arrange his security to save his government from somersaulting.

‘’The president of Sao Tome must be careful because he will take steps that will make him not to be popular and oppositions will rise against his efforts. He must be careful about bringing investors into the country. He must be careful so the government efforts will not be jeopardized, he must sit tight and put his security in order so that his government will not somersault.’’

The man of God also warned the president of Equatorial Guinea to be careful of his health condition and pray against a major surgery that will take his life. Furthermore, he warned him to resign instead of pursuing another bid in office because he sees him dying in power.

‘’The president of Equatorial Guinea needs prayers for his health, God’s protection and a major surgery that may take his life. It’s better he resigns or else, he will die in power because I see his health failing him. The vice president must also be careful of political crisis, there will be military threat which will cause a kind of surge in the government. They should pray against the death of a prominent person that will cause them to fly their flag in half mast.’’

Continuing, Primate Ayodele warned the governments of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

‘’In Zimbabwe, if there is no strong opposition, the president will still retain his seat and the economy will still be fluctuating. There will be water borne disease, natural disasters and flood. Let them pray against Ebola, measles, meningitis and polio. The government wants to silence the opposition,’’ he said.

On South Africa, the Nigerian prophet said President Cyril Ramaphosa must be careful with Jacob Zuma’s issue.

“He must be careful against steps that will bring disorderliness and troubles. Also, foreigners will be under threat in the country. The opposition will go against the government’s wish. The president will take wrong economy policy and their currency will fall so hard. Let the country pray against disease that will lead to death of children and unexpected explosion,” he said.

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