South Africa based economist attacks Chakwera over reckless spending


South Africa based Malawian economist Chifipa Mhango has faulted President Lazarus Chakwera for spending taxpayers’ money irresponsibly, saying Malawi is losing forex because of this reckless spending.

Mhango, who wrote an open letter to Chakwera earlier this month, said this in a recent interview with Newsroom Afrika. He noted that Chakwera was in the opposition for about seven years and spoke strongly about corruption and reckless spending.

Mhango, however, added that contrary to Chakwera’s stance during his time as leader of opposition, there is reckless spending on  a massive scale under Chakwera’s administration.

“What we are seeing is spending which is not even localized but spending which is actually externalized which is also eating on the forex of Malawians,” said Mhango.

He also accused Chakwera of not taking action against some senior government officials linked to Zuneth Sattar, a businessperson who is alleged to have bribed public officers while defrauding Malawi of billions of Kwacha through overpricing of goods.

According to Mhango, while some officials were removed, some are still working in key government institutions, which points to selective justice.

“That gives the perception that are we really serious about fighting corruption in this country,” said Mhango.

In his letter to Chakwera, Mhango argued that an economy of the size and limited resources of Malawi cannot cushion the effects of massive corruption.

He added that Malawi is currently facing the effects of fiscal mismanagement and he urged Chakwera to take decisive action in order to resolve the challenges the country is facing.

“Even within 6-months of decisive action and re-assessment of energy direction is enough to re-uplift the spirits of Malawians that trusted your process towards a renewal of Malawi,” said Mhango.

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