Man wins K100,000 in Ecobank’s weekend promo


Public Relations Officer for Deputy Minister of Lands, Horace Changaipe, has won K100,000 Xpress Cash token during the second draw of Ecobank’s Weekend Stater’ promotion.

The promotion that was launched two weeks ago, is aimed at rewarding customers who transact on the banks mobile banking platforms and every Friday, 13 lucky customers are rewarded with Xpress Cash tokens.

The Xpress Cash tokens are Mk100,000, K50,000 and K20,000 and are redeemed at any Ecobank ATM using the cardless cash withdrawal option with no need of an ATM card.

Changaipe who has since redeemed his token could not hide his excitement and gratitude to Ecobank for running ‘Ka *326# Weekend Stater’ promotion.

“The money has come at an opportune time when I was trying to figure out how I was going to settle my utility bills. Then boom Ecobank comes to my rescue. I am really excited such that after withdrawing the Xpress Cash token using the card-less withdrawal option, I gave MK5000 to a random Ecobank customer I met at the ATM to celebrate with me. Thank you Ecobank for kickstarting my weekend on a high note,” Changaipe said

Other winners include Tayub Shiraz and Umar Suhel who won Mk50,000 Xpress Cash each, while ten other customers won MK20,000 Xpress Cash tokens each.

In his remarks, Ecobank Head of Brand, Marketing & Corporate Communications Tidzi Chalamba, encouraged customers to join the promotion which started on 19 August and is expected to complete on 14 October 2022.

“This is just the second Friday entailing that so far 26 people have been rewarded for simply transacting on our free digital channels that do not attract a monthly fee namely Ecobank Mobile App and *326# Mobile banking.

“By the end of this promo, more people, more than 100 will be rewarded and appreciated. To all our customers who are not yet on these platforms, there is no better time than this one to sign up, transact and enjoy convenient world class digital banking excellence,” said Chalamba.

Chalamba said to sign up on Ecobank Mobile customers simply need to download the Ecobank Mobile App on Apple or Play store and self-register using their Ecobank Visa debit card.

He added that, the same applies on *326# where customers can self-onboard using their Ecobank Visa debit card.


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