Two Mozambicans and two Tanzanians arrested for stealing K1.1 million


Police in Mangochi District have arrested two Mozambicans and two Tanzanian nationals on suspicion that they stole K1.1 million from a salesperson at Shangirai Shop within the township.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi  said that the suspects were arrested on Saturday at Ulongwe Roadblock along Arthur Peter Mutharika Highway.

Daudi added that the two Mozambican nationals have been identified as Daniel William Paulo, 53 and Leah Alanda Lungile(female), 20, while the Tanzanian nationals are identified as Gregory John, 51 and Joshua Singombo Kabile, 49.

“It is reported that, the complainant on the said date met one of the suspect on the queue at National Bank where she wanted to deposit a sum of K1.1 Million.

“The suspect humbly requested the complainant to accompany him to Victoria Forex Bureau in order to assist him exchange US Dollars to Kwachas and also promised to share her undisclosed amount as a token.

“Sitafu followed the suspect outside before doing her transaction where she boarded a Toyota Axio bearing Mozambican registration AlL038MP and also found the other three suspects on board,” said Daudi.

Upon arrival at Victoria Forex Bureau, Sitafu was given a fat sealed envelope alleged to have contained huge sum of US Dollars  and was instructed to leave behind her handbag which contained K1.1 Million.

When she went inside to exchange the claimed dollars, she discovered that the envelope was full of ruled pieces of papers. She rushed back outside only to find that the suspects had cruised to unknown destination.

The matter was reported at Mangochi Police Station who immediately invaded the ground and successfully arrested the suspects at Ulongwe Roadblock with the help of members of the public.

Upon searching in the motor vehicle, police recovered K1 Million and also impounded the motor vehicle.

The suspects have been charged with theft which contravenes section 278 of the Penal Code and will appear before court to answer the charges.

Meanwhile police in the district are extending their gratitude to members of the public for their support in the fight against crime.


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  1. Really,these foreigners to this point.What is their immigration status??? Imprison them first for 10years and later on need to be deported.In short ,give the Texan law.

  2. Why not indicating woman’s age on the poster? Why is she not in chains?

  3. Amene anabeledwayonso akuyenera kumangidwa. Coz it shows kuti naye amafuna kudya nawo ndalama zokuba and I am sure kuti zikanamuthekera akanawabisa anthu amenewa. They were at bank by the time they came across each other. Then why osasintha ndalamazo konko? The red flag has been raised coz of being a victim.

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