Limbani Chibwana matures in Khalidwe


Musician heavyweight Limbani Chibwana has come strong in his latest song entitled “Khalidwe” which is addressing the issue of negative judgements.

The song which landed on Saturday discourages people from focusing on others’ negative backgrounds. According to Chibwana such tendencies are counterproductive.

“I speak against such tendencies in people to judge others, their efforts and their works,” he says

The song says, “Khalidwe  la mwana obadwira m’banja lotayika likudabwisa anthu/zikhoza kutheka mwana obadwira mbanja lotaika kusankhulidwa (The behaviour of a child from a lost family surprises people/however it is possible for a child from such a family to be different.”

Khalidwe has been released from an album called Chisomo, which is slated for release in May, 2023. The music collection has 15 songs.

The singer has promised to drop a couple of songs this year ahead of the album release. He says, “I have three more songs to produce in this year.”

Chibwana is among the legendary figurers in local music circles. List of his ballads includes Bwelera, which is over a decade old.