Grandson arrested for attempting to rape 80-year-old grandmother


Police in Ntchisi District have arrested 21-year old Chipiliro Monikisi for attempting to rape his 80-year old grandmother and wounding her in the process at Mjingi Village in the district.

Public Relations Officer for Ntchisi Police Station Sergeant Yohane Tasowana has confirmed the arrest of Chipiliro Monikisi.

Sergeant Tasowana told Malawi24 that the incident happened during the day of August 9, 2022 within the village.

He said that the woman was fast asleep when grandson, Chipiliro Monikisi, grabbed her on the neck while covered her mouth not to shout.

In defence, the granny pulled the suspect’s private parts as a way of stopping him from doing the act.

In the process, the suspect assaulted the granny and wounded her. She sustained injuries on the head and the shoulder.

The suspect has now been apprehended and will appear in court soon to answer the charge of attempted rape and unlawful wounding contrary to section 134 and section 241 of the Penal Code respectively.

He hails from Katsika Village, Traditional Authority Kalumo in the district.

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