Kukopela: Driemo’s pact humbles Charisma


Rapper Charisma has come under fire from some Malawians having made a post which Malawians believe is targeting Afro RNB star Driemo.

The Lilongwe based artist posted, “kukopela” (copying) amidst the hype sorrounding Driemo’s latest song entitled Mojo.

This has not gone well with some people that they have torn him apart.

“Anzanu amatha kutulusa ma hit…inu km chomwe maziwa nkutha kujambulisa kuchimbuzi (your fellow musicians have instincts for hit songs, all you know is taking pictures in the toilet)” said one angry follower

Another one also commented, “Driemo wakudutsani sanje mfana watchuka mosavutika uyu (Driemo has surpassed you effortlesly.”

In response, the Kubanda star said his post is not targeting any musician. He said Kukopela is a title for his soon to be released song.

“Lemme just make it clear “KUKOPELA” Ndi nyimbo imene ndikutulutsa next month first week, osati zanu muganizazo (Kukopela is a title for my new song which will be released next month not what you are thinking.”

Driemo’s song which is making noise at the moment was released on Wednesday night. Some people believe he sampled someone’s work.

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