Archbishop Tambala urges Catholics to sustain parishes in the absence of external support


Archbishop of the Lilongwe Archdiocese,  George Desmond Tambala, has opened St Mathias  Nankhunda, a new parish in Zomba where he has called on the Catholics to unite in faith and to become economically self-reliant to sustain the parish in the absence of external  support.

Speaking at the new parish,  Archbishop Tambala who is also Diocesan Administrator  for the Zomba Diocese observed that Christians  that are united and move together in a right direction attain economic stability.

He added that Christians need to manage their respective parishes, saying that  missionaries stopped providing financial support to most parishes.

“You need to have a vision and strategic plan that should guide you as you implement various activities because without a vision and strategic plan you cannot progress, ” Archbishop Tambala advised congregants of the newly established St.  Martin’s Parish.

Senior Chief Mlumbe hailed the Catholic Church  for establishing the new parish in his area and he pledged that he will provide additional land to allow further expansion of the parish in case it wishes to build a school or health facility.

Zomba Diocese has 20 parishes following the opening of St Martin’s.

During the ceremony, Archbishop Tambala also inducted Fŕ.  Alfred Chilenga to become Father Superior of  the new St. Mathias  Parish.


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