Ghetto Music Festival to give platform for youth to showcase talent


Manzy Music Promotions has organised a festival called Ghetto Music Festival to be held on 10th September, 2022 in Lilongwe targeting young artists from areas such as  Chinsapo, Biwi, Kawale and Ntandire.

Speaking during a press briefing, Festival Coordinator Levison Msakambewa said they want to nurture talented youths because it has come to their attention that a lot of talent is in youth especially in communities but they do lack a platform to showcase their talent.

He added that starting from next week, they will start to go in townships to identify and register young talented artists so that on the day of the festival the artists can be given a platform to show their talent and also at the same time nurture their talent.

“Those who will emerge winners will have an opportunity to perform on the day on 10th September which is the day of the festival and these young artists will also have a chance to interact with these big artists such as Lulu, Fredokiss, Phyzix, Driemo  and Black Missionaries. We are giving an opportunity to these  young artists to perform on this day and also learn from the top artists,” said Msakambewa.

This is the first time for Manzy to organise  such a festival and Msakambewa said people should expect more fun at next month’s event and more festivals in the future.

According to Msakambewa, Manzy Music Promotions might also consider to sign the artists who will do well in the competition to give them a chance to be part of Manzy Promotions so that they see how they grow and also nurture their talent.

One of the artists who will perform at the Festival, Sulu who is a female reggae artist alluded, said that the development is good and it has come at a right time because right now there is a lot of talent in the ghetto that do lack motivation as well as a platform and Manzy  Promotions coming with the initiative will give an opportunity to young artists who lack such platform to showcase their talent

The festival will take place next month on the 10th September at Lilongwe Community Ground and it will have different artist like Fredokiss, Lulu, The Black Missionaries and Driemo.

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