Woman complains of judgment delay in assault case

Elufe Wadi, a Lilongwe based woman, has complained of judgment delay in a case in which a man, who is a neighbor to Wadi’s mother, is accused of physically assaulting Wadi following disagreements over parking.

Wadi said the magistrate presiding over the case was expected to deliver judgement in September last year but has been adjourning the matter.

Yesterday, Second Grade Magistrate Taonga Muwalo  failed to present the judgement saying he needs a lot of time to concentrate on the case  to avoid presenting a wrong judgement.

Speaking in an interview, Wadi said that the case started last year in April and the Magistrate has been saying the same issue because the case  was supposed to end in September last year.

Wadi was allegedly assaulted last year. The woman who  is currently staying at Ngwenya said that on March 2021 she was at her mother’s home in Area 22 together with her sisters. As she was going out of the gate, she found that a neighbour identified as Willard Maloro had parked his car near the gate and was blocking Wadi’s way out .

She said that when she complained about the issue,  Maloro allegedly assaulted her to the extent that she fainted because she was hit her on  the head and eye which caused her to lose a lot of blood.

“The same magistrate told us that the case will end in September last year but  they keep on adjourning the case up to date. I don’t know why they are doing this but what they should know is that am still failing to conduct my day to day activities like I was doing before the occurrence of this incident.

“As l am taking to you now, I cannot put any heavy item on my head like l was doing before because l still feel pain in my eye. I am a mother of 9 and married but my husband stopped providing for us because he  is no longer working and I am the only bread winner. This is not on and I want justice to prevail,” said Wadi.

The state’s last witness Jonathan Chiusi , who is senior Ophthalmology Clinical Officer at Kamuzu Central Hospital, testified that Wadi indeed visited the hospital on March 7 and complained of her painful right eye and loss of vision which occurred due to the assault.

Magistrate Muwalo has not stated any day on which the judgement will be announced.


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