Parliament confirms Yolamu as Malawi Police IG

Parliament has today confirmed the appointment of Merlyne Yolamu as the new Inspector General of Malawi Police Service.

Yolamu has been approved in a voice vote after the House agreed not to have a secret ballot following the massive support Yolamu received from both opposition and government legislators during debate.

Speaking after the confirmation, Minister of Homeland Security Jean Sendeza expressed happiness.

“She was appointed by President Lazarus Chakwera and now the House has confirmed her, that is a great milestone to us as women. You know the President has seen that women should be in leadership positions and we are very grateful for that and we are very happy as women,” explained Sendeza.

Sendeza added that the Malawi Police Services has to be apolitical and  the new IG will be in that line and she will be following the Constitution.

Chairperson of the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament (PAC) Joyce Chitsulo said as a committee it recommended Merlyn Yolamu to the August House  for confirmation as the new Police Chief after looking at the legal framework of the appointment, matters of corruption of the nominee and hearing of the committee with the appointee on her knowledge.

“As a committee we established that she has no indiscipline record and we were convinced with the appointee’s responses on nepotism allegations at police, corruption fight, work ethics and relationship between police and the general public.

“The Committee was also satisfied with Yolamu’s qualifications, knowledge and her interest to manage professional and independent police,” added Chitsulo.

Speaking on behalf of Democratic Progressive Party, legislator Mark Botomani described Yolamu as a suitable candidate for the new Police IG post because she has experience.

However, Botomani urged  Yolamu to refrain from advancing selective application of justice, arbitrary arrests and ensure she is discharging her duties in a professional way.

“As the new IG, she must look at the way police handles demonstrators which trigger people’s anger and as a party we support Yolamu to be the new IG and we do not have any reason to reject her,” said Botomani.

United Democratic Front’s Lilian Patel also supported the nomination of Yolamu as the IG.

The new Inspector General joined the Malawi Police in 1985 and rose through different ranks within the Malawi Police Service.

Yolamu holds a Master’s degree in public policy obtained in 2013 at University of London and Bachelors degree in Human resources obtained at University of Malawi – Chancellor College in 2010.

She was appointed Deputy Inspector General of Malawi Police last year.

Yolamu replaces George Kainja who was fired last over allegations of receiving bribes from businessperson Zuneth Sattar.

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