US Ambassador wows Malawians


United States ambassador to Malawi David Young has wowed Malawians after testing street food at a township in Lilongwe.

Young who has been serving as ambassador in Malawi since March this year, tried a local treat called on Mandasi (doughnut) at Area 18 in the Capital City.

A video shared by the United States Embassy Facebook page show Young helping make a few snacks before trying them.

“Based on your feedback and suggestions on what street food I should try, this week I visited Mrs. Margaret Makhuza in Area 18 A to try her delicious mandasi. People in Lilongwe have enjoyed her treats for years – and I can see why. She even let me try my hand at making a few. They are my new favorite treat! Thank you Mai Makhuza,” young was quoted as saying by the US Embassy.

Malawians on social media have since hailed Young for his initiative to connect with Malawians at all levels.

“He’s an African American Ambassador for us. Very interactive and socialite at heart. Thanks for trying our locals,” said one person on the US Embassy Facebook Page.

Another person: “Honestly I love this Ambassador David, the way he associate with the locals is just amazing, he loves Malawi. He is a humble man full of fun. Hope I will meet him one day,” he said.

One person Twitter said: “Koma Ada awa alibho. He has embraced Malawian culture.”

Others, however, were not happy with the ambassador’s act.