People in Phalombe encouraged to report human trafficking cases


River of Life Organisation has reached to sports fans with messages about dangers of human trafficking as the border district continues to record human trafficking cases.

Speaking in an interview during an event at Nkhulambe ground, the organisation’s project officer Richard Muluzi said considering that sports attract many people they decided to engage with the people in the area which is not far from Mozambican border.

“People love sports hence today we invited teams, netball and football ones, which are crowd pullers to battle it out while we discuss with people here about trafficking in persons in terms of what laws say about this malpractice.

“We have tipped them on how they can report to law enforcers whenever they suspect some people that they might be involved in this vice, hence chiefs also took part in this event so that we should strengthen security in all the areas which the perpetrators use when trafficking people,” said Muluzi last Saturday.

The event, which the police, chiefs and officers from social welfare department attended, was also part of commemoration of world day against trafficking in persons which falls on 30th July every year and this year the day has been observed under the theme called use and abuse of technology.

Addressing the crowd, Senior Chief Nkhulambe asked residents of the area to be watchful and join hands to protect vulnerable people from being trafficked and ensure that the area should not be the route for the traffickers.

“Let us make sure that human traffickers have no path in this area, I know we may have other people who aid these criminals, please if you know some report them to police and other authorities, we need to be protecting each other here, together we can deal with this malpractice if we join hands,” said the chief.

River of Life Organisation is implementing a two-year project in the district entitled Tigwirane Manja Counter Trafficking in Persons with support form USAID through Globe Hope Mobilisation.


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