Catholic priest reaches 10,000 people through online sermons


Catholic Priest Fr. Elizerio Mtharika  says he has reached 10,000 people who continue to get spiritual inspiration through his sermons delivered through WhatsApp.

Fŕ.  Mtharika says the Word Made Flesh (WMF) WhatsApp group continue to grow and has become a source of spiritual food to many group members and followers.

Speaking during an interface with members of the groups at Mthawira Parish in the Archdiocese on Blantyre, Fŕ Mtharika said he decided to form the  group to share scripture with members and followers at the time when government banned group gatherings due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Word Made Flesh forum started based on the gospel of St John which says that “At first there was word”.

Father Mtharika said the WMF group is revival and transformative such that many people testify that they are able to understand the scripture following his online teachings. .

The group coordinator therefore called on members and followers of WMF to stand firm on strong Christian foundation that should never be shaken by demonic forces

One of WMF group members,  Susan Kadewere, said Fr.  Mtharika’s online teachings have proven to be a strong pillar that continue to provide strength  to those that are weak in spirit and faith.

She added that the group has attracted followers since Fr. Mtharika introduced it and the WMF has proved to be revival and a source of inspiration to many people who did not understand the Bible in its context.

“Fr. Mtharika’s online sermons provide  inspiration and motivation to broken hearts and has helped to build strong Christian faith among group members and other followers,” said Kadewere.