Grouping calls for prayers over socio-economic challenges


The National Repentance Malawi has organized an international prayer conference to seek God’s intervention on the country’s social and economic challenges.

This is according to National Repentance Malawi Coordinator Reverend Dr Edward Mikwamba who said the prayer conference is slated for August this year on a venue to be announced later.

Reverend Dr Mikwamba told this publication that the group has thought of organizing this conference to among others seek God’s intervention over social and economic challenges the country is going through.

He further indicated that devaluation of Kwacha, leprosy in Salima, Cholera outbreak in some parts of the country and the Covid-19 pandemic, can easily be calmed by God, hence the prayer conference which will be held under the theme; ‘Kneel and pray for Malawi’.

“There are so many challenges logging our country, Malawi the warm heart of Africa. We have the issue kwacha depreciation, pandemics, Malawi is divided on political, tribal and religious lines and God has revealed to us organize this prayer conference and vigils.

“The theme for the prayer conference is; Kneel and pray for Malawi. We are sure that if we kneel and repent our sins according to 2 Chronicles 7 verse 14, God is going to heal our land which is suffering from economic and tribal woes,” Mikwamba said.

He further said Malawian leaders need to realize that there is no other person who can provide support for the country than from God Himself and it is always crucial to call for God’s intervention when things get sour.

The coordinator has then implored all religious leaders in the country to allow and encourage their members to join the prayers claiming unity is power.