Liabunya: Angel Zagagel is reading your comments

Prophet Liabunya

Prophet Austin Liabunya is back, claiming an angel called Zagagel was this evening reading people’s comments on the prophet’s page.

Liabunya first made the outrageous claim 2 weeks ago when he announced the arrival of the said angel.

But just 20 minutes before 6pm local time, Prophet Liabunya announced the so-called Angel Zagagel would be reading people’s comments on the controversial prophet’s Facebook page.

“Angel Zagagel will be here to read your comments from 6 P.M. What do want to tell Him?” Liabunya posted on his Facebook page.

Liabunya claimed that the Angel would read and deliver people’s requests as shared on his page to God.

“He will read your comments and deliver your requests before the Throne of the most High”.

Liabunya is one of the controversial and self-declared prophets from Malawi. He has a handful of followers.

Liabunya: Angel Zagagel is reading comments on my Facebook page