Liabunya: Angel Zagagel is reading comments on my Facebook page


Prophet Austin Liabunya claims that he has pleaded with an angel named Zagagel to read people’s comments on the prophet’s Facebook page. Liabunya claims that Zagagel is the angel responsible for Malawi and that he would, upon reading the comments, compile a report that the Angel will submit to God.

Liabunya made the claims in a now deleted Facebook post on his page last night.

According to the self-proclaimed prophet, Zagagel is the Angel of bravery and is also responsible for Malawi. Liabunya claimed that at the time he was making the Facebook post, he had just finished speaking with the angel who was looking for a report on Malawi. In response, Liabunya asked Angel Zagagel to read Malawians’ comments on his Facebook Page.

Liabunya then asked Malawians to be serious and say what’s was on their mind because there was an important visitor reading the comments.

“He will be reading your comments and feel free to report to heaven whatever is on your mind. Zagagel is reading and compiling a final report,” said Liabunya.

Liabunya is a Malawian prophet who leads ‘Believers Gospel Embassy Int’l’ based in South Africa. Over the past months, he has been selling oils which he claims can heal HIV and make people rich.


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