Catholic Women deepen spiritual life at Michiru Shrine


Zomba Diocese Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of the Zomba Diocese went to pray at Michiru Shrine in Blantyre Archdiocese as one way of giving thanks to the Lord for His mercies.

During the visit, Chairperson Christina Lakiyoni called on fellow members to do charitable works and to pray frequently so as to deepen their spiritual life as Christ is about to be crucified, die, rise and ascend into heaven.

She said that CWO of the Zomba Diocese went to pray at Michiru shrine to thank the Lord for His mercies and they participated in the Way of the Cross to experience Jesus’s suffering on the cross.

“We came here at Michiru Shrine to take part in the Way of the Cross and to also experience the way Jesus suffered on the way cross and during his crucifixion,” Lakiyoni added.

She said climbing Michiru Mountain to pray should mark the beginning of renewed spiritual life that should prepare them to rise together with Jesus from the dead.

She observed that the experience at Michiru Shrine has deepened the women’s spiritual life saying that the tour also prepared them to suffer together with Christ all the way to crucifixion.

“We have also seen the love and holiness of God during our tour of Michiru Shrine,” added Lakiyoni.

Advisor of the CWO of the Zomba Diocese, Fr Michael Mkhomeni said pilgrimage to Michiru was significant because the Way of the Cross and prayers at the shrine were meant to strengthen the women’s spiritual life.

Following the Michiru tour, Fr Mkhomeni asked the women to share their spiritual enrichment with fellow women in their respective parishes.

He encouraged the CWO of the Zomba Diocese to remain in faith and sustain their spiritual life in the face of challenges and further called on the women to also shine in faith so that others should be transformed into spiritual and holly life.

“Don’t backtrack in your spiritual life, l urge you the CWO in the Zomba Diocese to remain strong in Christian faith,” Fr Mkhomeni said.

Nearly 500 women from all the Parishes under the Zomba Diocese took part in the Way of the Cross at Michiru Shrine in the City of Blantyre under the Blantyre Archdiocese.