Stop insulting the president, Kambalazaza tells Malawians


Founder of Charismatic Redeemed Ministries International (CRMI), Archbishop Mark Kambalazaza, has called on Malawians to stop speaking ill of the president, saying people in the country should instead work hard to develop Malawi.

Archbishop Kambalazaza made the remarks at CRMI Headquarters in Blantyre where President Dr Lazarus Chakwera and First Lady, Madam Monica Chakwera attended church service this morning.

Public broadcaster MBC reported that Kambalazaza urged people in the country to stop insulting the country’s leadership and to start believing that development is possible if all people work hard.

“From Kamuzu Banda to Dr Chakwera, Malawians have always spoken ill against their presidents, this must stop. Let us concentrate on development. No leader can give handouts to everyone in the country” he said.

He also called on Malawians to embrace the country’s development blueprint, Malawi 2063, to ensure the development of the country.

In his speech, Chakwera said the country’s aspirations as outlined in Malawi 2063 requires all Malawians to join hands.

He also hailed Kambalazaza as a visionary church cleric who has shown commitment to work with the government in the development of the country.

On complaints about the state of the road leading to the church and a nearby hospital, Chakwera said money for upgrading the road was already allocated in the budget.