Blessing Gomero shines through with visuals for her new single “Bad Character”


By Roy Kafoteka

United States based musician Blessing Gomero’s video for “Bad Character” has been widely received by fans such that it has stolen the spot for the most viewed video on Gomero’s YouTube channel from her previous single release “Sunshine”.

Blessing Gomero is a Virginia, USA based versatile singer-songwriter with melodious vocals that transform to fit the sound she is trying to accomplish ranging from Alternative Pop, Mainstream Pop, Afro-Pop, R&B, Classical to Rock.

Coming from a music background, she has been singing since she was a child, performing in church choirs, events and as a session musician while coming up and building her music career. She released her first official songs in December, 2020 and since then she has been working actively towards the release of her first official EP. Her music touches on topics about God, people, love, mental health and life in general.

“Bad Character” is a video that is vibrant, high energy, and celebrates culture and is captured by the exquisite TCO Productions and features viral dancers, CJ Dancer and Floxy.

“Bad Character” is just like the title implies. A song about bad characters – people who never come through for you, but want to be associated with you. They see you thirsty and “won’t bring you water”, “they smile at you” in your face, but “laugh at you”. All the while you think they are on your side, but they disrespect and handle affairs that pertain to you carelessly. It is a groovy, catchy, fun song that discusses a serious topic in a playful and comedic manner.

The new song opens up with the lines: “Did you show up for me, show up for me when I needed you? Did you walk with me, walk with me when that’s all I needed?”… The chorus is a call and response as the words “Bad Character” are then repeated again and again after each verse.