Govt urged to take action against parents who refuse to get children vaccinated


The quasi-religious body, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has asked government to swiftly act on reports that some children are being denied polio vaccine based on religious doctrines.

PAC Spokesperson, Bishop Gilford Matonga, told Malawi News Agency (MANA) in an interview on Thursday that there is no harm for government to intervene with force and protect children who are at risk of being exposed to avoidable deformities for life by parental decisions.

“PAC strongly condemns, in strongest terms, any religious grouping, sect of some faithful denying children to be vaccinated. This is very unfortunate and we will not accept it to thrive. Polio is a killer and it can deform the children,” said Matonga.

In an interview with Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) for Ndindi catchment area, Lidson Chikhwethe, under Mchoka Health Centre in Salima said the 1,719 target, may hit a snag following resistance from Zion Church members who are denying taking any medicine.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Adrian Chikumbe, said the mass vaccination campaign has rolled out successfully in all the 28 districts across the country.

By Mphatso Nkuonera – Malawi News Agency