Bushiri renames ECG


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has rebranded his Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church amidst alleged connection with Kingdom Financing Ministries International (KFMI).

Bushiri made the announcement yesterday as he celebrated his birthday, saying ECG will rebrand to Enlightened Christian Gathering Jesus Nations (ECGJN) Church.

Fondly called Major 1, the Malawian born prophet, is currently facing money laundering, fraud and rape alleged charges in South Africa where he is regarded as a fugitive having jumped bail.

He is now in Malawi fighting off extradition to South Africa.

The rebranding coincides with some allegations that connect Prophet Bushiri and Kingdom Financing Ministries International which claims to be celebrating the prophet’s birthday in the year of Jesus nations.

“Only a few more days to go and we will be celebrating one of the biggest days in our Jesus Nation Calendar – The birthday of our Prophet,” reads a statement from KFMI to its followers.

However, followers have questioned the credibility of the request and the manner in which it was discoursed.

“Strangely Kingdom Financing Ministries have asked donors to select the ‘Welfare’ option when making the donation of their birthday gift. ‘Welfare’ is usually a word that is associated with providing for those in need, which our prophet certainly is not,” wondered one KFMI member.

“However, the manner in which they have asked for this birthday gift to be donated will inevitably create confusion. The people who donate to the church over the course of the year (donations not specific to the prophet’s birthday) usually make their donations for a specific purpose, based on the options given in the link. ‘Welfare’ is one of the options provided. Those donors who normally select the ‘Welfare’ option probably select it in the belief that their donation is going towards the welfare of the needy (of course we know it isn’t). So why is this ministry intentionally confusing matters by mixing our prophet’s birthday money in with the Welfare donations? Why doesn’t he simply have a separate option for a birthday gift option on the donation portal in order keep his/her birthday money separate from the welfare donations?”

“I think the answer is obvious. It’s because the Welfare money mostly never goes to the needy and is usually laundered and plundered for personal use. Where the ministry and the prophets make donations, those are intended to save face. At the moment, there is no way one can tell which of the donation is for the welfare and the birthday”. reads a very long email sent to Malawi24 from a disgruntled member of the Kingdom Financing Ministries International (KFMI).



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