Ndirande Police court sand miners over floods


Ndirande Police Station has called on residents along Nasolo and Malaysia rivers to refrain from mining sand and avoid crossing flooded rivers during this rainy season.

The call was made on February 3, 2022, during sensitization meetings which the Community Policing team carried out.

The Crime Prevention Officer for the Station, Sergeant Aubrey Katimba, led a group of Police Officers in sounding warning messages to groups of women and children who were found mining sand in Nasolo and Malaysia rivers.

Sergeant Katimba enlightened the people about deforestation and forest degradation in Ndirande Mountain which could be a recipe for the fast flowing of water along the streams in the area.

“You could be busy with mining the sand downstream not knowing the heaviness and fast flowing of water uphill which may result in people being washed away,” said Katimba.

Furthermore, he expressed worry over the number of children who are engaging themselves in this business of mining sand.

He therefore warned parents who neglect their children by not providing them with proper support to stop the tendency because doing so is an offence punishable by law.

Ndirande Police Station rolled out various initiatives earlier this January which are meant to mitigate the impact of flood in the area.