Chakwera faulted over pledge to give money to Flames


A social commentator has questioned President Lazarus Chakwera over his pledge to give money to Flames players, saying the president is acting as if he has a bottomless supply of cash or as if money grows on trees at State house.

Chakwera this morning pledged to provide K1 million each to Malawi National Football Team players who will be involved in the game against Teranga Lions of Senegal if the Flames secure qualification to the knockout stages of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Writing on his Facebook page, social commentator Idriss Ali Nassah noted that Chakwera also recently offered to provide K10 million to University of Malawi students.

He questioned how Chakwera is able to give out such money considering that the president has not won millions in a bet recently.

“We all know what Chakwera was worth before becoming president because he declared that. We know what Chakwera earns as president.

“Where, then, is President Chakwera getting the millions he is now throwing around like confetti at a wedding?” wrote Nassah.

He argued that presidents usually end up receiving cash and gifts from “well-wishers” because they place a burden on themselves to act as Father Christmas.

“That is how presidents get entangled in corruption, kickbacks and rot,” said Nassah.

He then demanded that the habit of making such pledges must end because it is problematic and a slippery slope.

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