Mtenje becomes first Malawian to have one million followers on Tiktok


A twenty-one-year-old South Africa based Malawian social media influencer Jennifer Mtenje has become first Malawian to reach one million followers on Tiktok.

In an interview, Mtenje who is also a brand ambassador at certain fashion company in United States of America (USA) said it took her a time and hard work to gain such more followers.

She said she spent most of her time on the platform showcasing her different skills such as dancing, modeling and storytelling.

” I invested a lot of time, effort and sacrifice myself to this. I believed in myself that one day I will make it. I have been always a hard worker. I spent most of my time on the platform practicing and showcasing my skills so as to gain more followers. Indeed, hard work pays,” said Mtenje.

She revealed a secret that if one wants to have more followers on Tiktok, they have to entertain the audience, teach them how they can grow their Tiktok accounts and do what exactly they want and like.

Mtenje urged Malawians who are trying to have more followers on Tiktok to always work hard and have passion about it.

“If you want to have more followers on Tiktok you should work hard and be passionate about it. Know your niche, believe in yourself, create your own profile, consistently post high quality content, collaborate with others, think outside box and always have confidence that you can make it no matter what a challenge,” she said.

She added that she is feels happy that she is a first person to have more Tiktok followers in Malawi and promised to do more than this.

” I am very grateful that I am the first Malawian to reach such huge number of followers on Tiktok. This is so encouraging and I promise to do more than this,” said Mtenje.

Mtenje said she is always inspired by a young South African Tiktoker Witney and wants to be more than like her in future.

She thanked all people who have been supporting her saying without them she would not be where she is today.

“Let me thank those who have been supporting me. For sure, without your support, I would not be where I am today. Continue giving me support for me to grow,” she said.

Tiktok is a social media platform used to create, share and discover short videos. The app is mostly used by the young as an outlet to express themselves through dancing, singing, comedy and lip syncing. It allows users to create and share videos across the world through the smart phones.

When the user reaches 800 followers, the app allows him or her to go live which helps him or her to get various gifts from the audience or followers such as money and many others. It also provides an opportunity to collaborate with the companies who pay the Tiktok user so as they advertise their new products.