MP Lipipa considering leaving DPP


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South Noel Lipipa is considering leaving the former ruling party to join UTM.

Lipipa has said this in a Facebook post today. According to the legislator, he is in a group together with some judges and for a long time they have been asking him to join UTM which is led by Vice President Saulos Chilima.

“For the longest time my friends at moth club have always said I am stupid because I support the DPP, including the 6 judges. We are losing our popularity slowly; they say you need to join SKC. I have always said no. But I think they have a point,” reads the post.

The post attracted many comments from Malawians with some commenters urging Lipipa to leave the DPP.

Mtengo Wa Nthenga said: “Well done Noel for leaving DPP. There is no future in that party. Go young man and excel elsewhere. Malawi needs you.”

Other commenters, however, said Lipipa is only entertaining the idea now because the DPP is an opposition party.

Genti Scotch said: “Had it been DPP is in government I think you would not give us a headache debate here. Let me advise you honorable Lipipa the constituency you’re representing is a big one with intellectual people therefore can you strict to the log you have voted? People voted for development are doing that? Jumping from that log to another log it shows that you have personal interest not people voted you, I suggest that be focused on constituency development like bridges, school blocks, clinics and other related developments. Take note be FOCUSED.”