Get to know new F.O.E Records signees Maya and Ella


By Roy Kafoteka

F.O.E Records (Family over Everything) is a collective breed of talented Malawian artists that has over the years boasted the talents of; Amaro, Microse, Swisha and Kelevra.

All different with their individual styles, they brought something new to the table and continue to serve the nation with hits and authentic rap tracks.

Having been around for a considerable period of time, F.O.E Records is now looking at new horizons and expanding its territory. The record label has recently signed their up-and-coming act, Maya and Ella.

Maybe coming in as a new name to some; Maya and Ella are a Lilongwe-based upcoming sister duo. Having recently signed with F.O.E Records the sisters are serving the world with soul one track at a time.

Their latest single release, With the Boyizi (featuring Amaro) has seen to be performing well, being well received and enjoyed by fans among many, and has since allowed the sister act to gain more traction and support through the Malawian urban music market.

Other than that, Maya and Ella have also put out their latest new cover song for “Mtima Wakana” by Lulu & Mathumela Band which went viral and garnered praise from the legend Lulu himself whom they are rumored to be working with on new music.