Mutharika rips into Chakwera administration

Former President Peter Mutharika says Malawi is in a political and economic crisis and the Tonse Alliance Government under President Lazarus Chakwera is failing to provide leadership.

Mutharika addressed the media this afternoon in Blantyre.

He said the Malawi economy stopped working after Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance came into power.

“The country doesn’t have economic leadership because as you can see, government is failing to raise revenue by failing to provide drugs in the country, fertilizer to the people, failing to control prices of basic commodities.” he says.

Mutharika then called on President Chakwera to do something about the economic crisis Malawi is facing and to stop blaming the Democratic Progressive Party administration for the crisis.

The former president also accused the Tonse Alliance administration of arresting Democratic Progressive Party officials for speaking out over the worsening economic situation in Malawi.

According to Mutharika, Parliamentarian Ben Phiri last week was arrested because he expressed concern over the rise in prices of goods in Parliament while Joseph Mwanamvekha and Dalitso Kabambe were arrested after announcing plans to hold a press a conference on the economic situation.

On nepotism, Mutharika said Chakwera, over the past 18 months, has appointed 47 government officials from the Central Region.

DPP Regional Governor, Charles Mchacha, said president Chakwera as SADC chairperson should lead by example. He expressed concern that people who have been arrested and fired from government are people from the Southern Region.

“How many people from the Southern Region are in cabinet and how many from the region are being offered business opportunities?. If this continues, we can foresee chaos in the future where people will be refusing to pay tax,” he said.


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  1. Interesting that these two dudes are looking for treatment they never provided when they were in power. Politicians should learn to do the needful when they are in power.

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