Interdicted Malawi Govt. workers should not expect salary – Attorney General


Attorney General (AG) Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda says Malawi Government will not pay salary to any public officer who is on interdiction.

Nyirenda made the remarks this morning at a press conference.

According to Nyirenda, when a public officer is on interdiction, the officer should not expect to be paid a salary.

He added that his office will challenge any attempt by any public officer to get salary while on interdiction.

The stance is contrary to advice Nyirenda’s predecessor Chikosa Silungwe gave the Malawi Government’s human resource department in February this year. Silungwe described interdiction without pay as illegal.

“Regardless of the circumstances that led to the interdiction of the officers, interdiction without pay is illegal,” said Silungwe who was fired by President Lazarus Chakwera in July.

At the press briefing today, Nyirenda also warned public officers against being involved in abuse of funds, saying such conduct will lead to criminal investigation

He added that conduct leading to prosecution also include facilitating unsound contracts from which government end up losing money will.

Nyirenda said such officers risk losing their personal property as the Attorney General has mandate to recover all illegally-acquired wealth.

“It is not right for a person convicted of a crime that caused loss to government to be enjoying by spending the same money while in prison or after release,” said Nyirenda.

AG Silungwe says interdiction without pay is illegal