Protesters demand Chakwera to address economic crisis

A group called Social Revolution Movement has called on President Lazarus Chakwera to immediately address economic problems facing the country or step down.

The group has given Office of the Cabinet and President seven days to respond to their concerns regarding the state of the economy.

The demonstrations which was endorsed by Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) started from Lilongwe Community Ground via Mchesi up to Civic Offices was under the theme “Reclaimimg a better Malawi.”

Speaking after the demonstrations, Leader of the Movement, Phunziro Mvula, said they will hold mass demonstrations if their grievances will not be answered.

Mvula added that they want the office to address the rise in cost of living due to heavy taxes and levies and the newly imposed Value Added Tax (VAT) on banking services.

He further said that government should also fulfil its promise of creating jobs and also uplifting local farmers.

“We want our government to condemn corrupt activities by Malawians of Asian origin and to stop offering jobs to retired personal at the expenses of young and vibrant youthful professionals. They should address its failure and uplift health and education services.

“We also protested against failure by government in the fight against corruption as evident by the abuse of MK6.2 billion and the issue of creation of new constituencies which will just put another burden on our already frail and fragile economy should be addressed,” he explained.

The group also want the leadership of Lazarus Chakwera and his administration to address the issue of cabinet and unwanted presidential advisors.

The petition was presented to Deputy Director Administration Hudson Kumphanga who assured the group that their concerns will be sent to the office president and cabinet as soon as possible.

The demonstrations which were supposed to begin from Lilongwe Town Hall but Police forced the demonstrators to begin the march from Lilongwe Community Centre ground.

Tens of armed police formed a block at C-Company to prevent demonstrators from passing through the main town to Lilongwe Town Hall where demonstrations were supposed to begin. However, following a long discussion, Mr. Mvula accepted the police order not to proceed to the Town Hall.