Analyst suggests that Suleman has been rewarded with MACRA role


A political analyst says the inevitable conclusion from the appointment of Daud Suleman as Director General of Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) is that Suleman has been rewarded for his role in the presidential elections case.

Political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche spoke to Malawi24 following the appointment of Suleman as MACRA boss.

Announcing the appointment yesterday, Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako, said Suleman got his appointment after being successful in interviews which the board conducted and in the process he beat ten other interviewees.

Reacting to the development, Wonderful Mkhutche said it seems Suleman has gotten the appointment as a token of appreciation for the role he played in the presidential election case last year.

Mkhutche, however, said Suleman may positively contribute to MACRA boss.

“That he has been awarded is something we cannot avoid to conclude. However, Suleman has a proven work experience, especially in ICT and it is expected that he will be a good contribution to MACRA,” said Mkhutche.

Before his appointment, Suleman was the Chief Technology Officer for MobiPay Malawi. He previously worked as Head of IT Service Delivery at NICO Technologies LTD and he  also served as Chief Information Officer for NBS Bank.

Suleman went to Buckinghamshire New University where he obtained his Master’s degree in Communications Management and also went to University of Derby for Master of Science (MSc) strategic Management. He also hold an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science.