Rastafarian wedding wows Malawians

A Rastafarian wedding held at Kamuzu Stadium today has wowed Malawians, with some calling it the wedding of the year.

The Rastafarian wedding of Ras Mayeso and Empress Rhoda was held this afternoon at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

Times reported that the wedding attracted a large gathering. Reggae songs were played at the wedding and there was also a Police Band.

Rastafarians at the wedding

“On social media, pictures of the wedding have excited Malawians with some calling the ceremony the wedding of the year.

“Zobebatu Jah. Wedding of the yr. Ma Rasta amakondaaa heavy eeesih. Congratulations to them. May God bless your union,” Veronica Brayen.

Police Band playing

“Wow wow wow, congratulations Ras Mayeso and your empress Rhoda. Rasta got some love, blessed,” wrote another social media user.

While MamaSizwe Kanthu-Nkako said: “This is what we call celebration.”



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