I will be DPP’s candidate in elections next year – Mutharika


Former President Peter Mutharika has told his supporters that there is a possibility that  presidential elections will be held again next year and he has declared that he will be the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate in the elections.

Mutharika spoke today at the Mulhako wa Alhomwe festival at Chonde in Mulanje.

The DPP is currently in court demanding a constitutional interpretation after a court ruled that four Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners were appointed illegally.

The DPP argues that since the four commissioners were part of the commission that managed the 2020 presidential elections, then the elections cannot be valid. The party wants fresh elections to be held with the current commission.

Mutharika, who lost the presidency in elections last year, expressed hope that the conclusion of the case will be in DPP’s favour and elections will be held next year.

“If all goes well, there will be elections and I will be your candidate,” said Mutharika.

“There are some people who want me to resign as DPP president so that they should represent the DPP in the coming elections but that will not happen. I will be the DPP candidate in any presidential elections between now and 2023.”

He then called for unity in the party and urged everyone to rally behind one leader.

He added that those who are vying for the DPP presidency should exercise patience as they wait for the DPP convention.

Speaking at the event, former President Bakili Muluzi also called for unity in the DPP, saying the party’s structures are strong but the problem is leadership wrangle.



  1. Why talk politics at a cultural event? Kodi mukuona ngati alhomwe onse nga DPP

  2. Am seriously arguing against the news about the speech made by the recent former president of Malawi professor Peter Muthalika that he still plans to stand as a presidential candidate for DDP party if court calls for the election rerun. I watched the ceremony from the beginning to the end, he never said that ,this is a fake news ,please ,investigate before you publish of make a post.

  3. Kodi unali msonkhani wa chipani kapena mtundu? Komaaaa!

    At a time that Mulhakho was to rebrand to show nonpartisim, it decides to go even deeper into partism!! Sad.

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