MHC houses worth over K3.5 billion at risk of demolition


The Scordis family has obtained an order to evict Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) tenants at Ngumbe in Blantyre where the MHC built 65 houses after obtaining a K3.5 billion loan.

Police and the family’s lawyers invaded Ngumbe this afternoon to evict families from the houses. The families have been told to leave the houses by tomorrow.

Lawyer Kuleza Phokoso told the local media that MHC proceeded to build the houses on the land despite a dispute over the 53 hectares piece of land.

In 2018, the Scordis dragged the corporation to court but with the case still in court, MHC allocated the houses to tenants.

Scordis family lawyer and police evicting tenants

This angered the Scordis family who have since obtained an evacuation order to evict families from the 65 two-bedroom semi-detached houses.

In court, the Scordis family is demanding MHC to remove any structures built on the 53 hectares piece of land. The family says if MHC does not remove the houses, the Scordis would demolish and remove all such structures at the cost of the MHC.

Malawians on social media have since urged government to intervene in the issue.

“If the people need the land let them have it. This is a huge fiasco! Government should step in & pay for the land. What a mess!!! This is why I say we are disorganized people. Who makes these decisions at MHC?! They ought to be fired forthwith,” said one person.

Other social media users have called for a different kind of intervention.

“To let 3.8 billion go just like that something identical to nonsense. All land belongs to government and it should be in the interest of our courts to intervene and let not this money be lost just like that,” said a social media user.

MHC under fire for constructing houses on private land