There was no Tay Grin billboard at Times Square: Nyau King fooled Malawians for clout

Tay Grin has been caught with pants down after it emerged that his most touted Times Square Billboard was a mockup.

In the past week, there were ululations across Malawi when it was reported that a son of the soil Tay has become the first Malawian to have his Billboard at Times Square in New York, USA.

According to a post shared by Malawi Rap Battles and Entertainment, there was no Billboard bearing Grin’s face at the said location.

“There has never been a Billboard of any Malawian artist at Time Square in New York. This was a mock-up generated Billboard from an App,” reads part of the post.

It is understood that the Nyau Liar recruited online marketplace service providers such as UpWork and Fiverr which offer digital and graphic designing and marketing services.

In an effort to strengthen the claims, some people have created Janta’s Billboard using the relevant application. The publicity platform is marketing Janta’s song Ndapeza wina.

Some quarters have said the Kanda hit-maker fooled Malawians in order to project a high-profile image about himself.

“He lied to Malawians so that people should think that he is doing great on the international scene,” said a local music follower who opted for anonymity

However, Tay’s fans believe there is less evidence that he lied to the nation.

“That does not say anything enough to substantiate your point,” said Rex Gama.