Supreme Court snubs Chanthunya


The Supreme Court of Appeal has refused to overturn the murder conviction of Misozi Chanthunya who was sentenced to life in prison.

A seven-member panel of the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal as delivered the ruling on Chanthunya’s appeal today.

Reading the ruling, Justice of Appeal Lovemore Chikopa said the High Court ruling  has been maintained.

In September last year, Judge Ruth Chinangwa sentenced Chanthunya to life in prison for killing his girlfriend Linda Gasa in 2010.

This year, the convict appealed against the conviction and life sentence saying the call logs which were used as evidence in court were fake. He also argued, through his lawyer, that the mobile company employee who testified in court could not tell whether the call logs were doctored or not.

But the State through Director of Public Prosecutions, Steve Kayuni, argued that the evidence presented in the lower court proved beyond reasonable doubt that Chanthunya killed Gasa.

Chanthunya killed his girlfriend Gasa in 2010. The woman’s body was found buried under concrete bathtub at Chanthunya’s cottage in Mangochi.

Chanthunya then went on the run after the murder but was arrested in South Africa in 2012 and he was extradited to Malawi in 2018.