Tay Grin preaches hard-work in Joseph Kalilani

Malawi`s multi-award-winning artist Limbani `Tay Grin` Kalilani encourages the spirit of hard-work in his latest song entitled Joseph Kalilani.

The song which is due to be released later today, urges people to engage extra gears in their respective endeavors for them to succeed.

“Don’t be no regular guy and whatever you do in your life do it to the maximum, don’t be limited by your situation, where you come from or where you are, exceed expectations,” he said.

According to the artist, the song is inspired by his late grandfather Joseph Kalilani who he considers to be an embodiment of hard work and extraordinary life. According to Tay, his late grandfather influenced his life in a positive way, thus urging people to emulate his characters.

The latest song is part of Limbani`s third album called Different Shades of Grin which will come out later this year. The new song has been crafted by local producers in both local and visual forms; the audio was produced by Slo Beatz and Viny Visuals produced the video.

In the video, the Chipapa hit-maker has stuck to his identity of fusing in cultural elements in the form of Gulewamkulu with modern genres.

Joseph Kalilani comes after Tay Grin last released his own project “Too Much” on January 31 2020, a song that was produced by Jillz in South Africa, where he also shot the music video.

Other recent projects are collaborations with Kell Kay on “Nakupenda” and Janta on “Bachelor Ndi Dolo” as well as an appearance on a Tapps Production’s “Global Message”, a song that also featured Tigris, also released last year.