Man holds vigil at ESCOM over blackout


A Blantyre resident on Friday held a vigil at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) offices over blackout at his home.

The man, Christopher  Mlelemba, said electricity  units at is house run out on Thursday night. He ten bought units from ESCOM but failed to load them.

After reporting to ESCOM, it was realized that a gadget used to load airtime is faulty and for power to come back, the units have to be loaded on another gadget installed on the ESCOM pole.

Mlelemba had been trying to get ESCOM faults department to rectify the issue but was told that it would take some time and he should wait for his turn. He then decided to hold vigil at the ESCOM service centre.

The ESCOM customer expressed concern that ESCOM is failing to service its customers.

“There are many clients out there who are crying foul due what I am complaining about. Step down or improve the delivery of your services, otherwise it’s time you leave the office. I will old a vigil ere until power is restored at my place,” he added.

Commenting on the issue, some Facebook users also talked about similar experiences dealing with ESCOM.

“My mum is in this exact situation in Machinjiri. She’s failing to top up her power for 3 days now,” said one person.

Another person said: “I had the same problem last month – reported at Puma Office plus numerous phone follow ups – they didn’t come.

“A few days later I was told to report to Kwacha office.  I went there – was shocked to be told by them that if I want my problem sorted, I should pay them.

“They came at night to fix the problem in their official vehicle but demanded to be paid first.”