57 Malawian nationals deported from Mozambique


Immigration authorities in the neighboring Mozambique have deported 57 Malawian nationals for violating various Immigration laws and other covid-19 health protocols.

According to Mwanza border publicist Inspector Pasqually Zulu, the group left the country on Saturday May 29, 2021 using uncharted routes between Dedza and Ntcheu districts without any travel documents.

It is reported that they were coaxed by unknown smuggler who later fled when they were detained at Mameme toll gate where security personnel wanted to verify their travel documents.

After noticing that every member of the group had no any travel documents, the Mozambican immigration authorities later on Sunday May 30, 2021 sent them back and they were in through the Mwanza border.

Inspector Zulu said amongst these 57 Malawian deportees, 46 are men while 11 are women and they are from Mangochi, Machinga and Balaka districts.

The publicist further said it is worrisome that use of uncharted routes with no proper travel documents by Malawian nationals still remains a challenge despite efforts by authorities to curb the malpractice.

He said this is the second incident in May alone as on 20th May, 2021 the formation also received 62 Malawian deportees who were in custody for close to three months in Harare Central Prison in Zimbabwe for violating various Immigration laws there.

“It is sad that use of uncharted routes and no proper travel documents by Malawian nationals when crossing international borders, remains a challenge to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services despite our efforts to bring Immigration services closer to the people,” worried Inspector Zulu.

As of Monday night, the group was undergoing health protocols and other border formalities and once the processes are done they group will on Tuesday be released after being advised on the need to follow the right procedures when crossing the borders.