Chizuma’s confirmation is due to public pressure – analyst

A social commentator says Martha Chizuma’s confirmation as Director General for the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is due to public pressure and this could affect the way discharges her duties.

On Monday, May 17, Public Appointments Committee (PAC) finally confirmed president Lazarus Chakwera’s appointee Martha Chizuma barely days after the same committee found her incompetent for ACB’s Director General position.

Following last week’s rejection, there was an outcry from the public up to a point that the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) organized demonstrations aiming at forcing PAC to rescind its decision on the matter.

PAC failed to contain the pressure and another meeting was called where members voted again and a total of 12 members of the Committee said yes to Chizuma’s confirmation while one abstained from the vote.

Reacting to the development, social and political science commentator Wonderful Mkhutche said it is worrisome that politics has marred the whole confirmation process.

Mkhutche who has pointed finger at PAC for the controversy, said the committee rescinded its decision to have Chizuma confirmed due to public pressure a development which he said will affect Chizuma when it comes to discharging her duties.

“The confirmation is due to public pressure. The rejection at first was from political reasons, and so is the confirmation. We must expect two things. First, the whole process may have told her that she has people who do not want her to be where she is now. This will make her discharge her duties with fear.

“Second, the whole process may have inspired her to do more, that there are people who benefit from corruption and did not want her where she is. As a result, she will work hard to make sure she goes after such individuals,” said Mkhutche.

Speaking yesterday, Chairperson for PAC, Joyce Chitsulo, defended the decision to hold a second vote on Chizuma’s confirmation saying it is within procedures to have the committee change its mind.