CDEDI urges fired MEC commissioners to drag Chakwera to court

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has urged the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the fired electoral commissioners to drag President Lazarus Chakwera to court.

CDEDI executive director Sylvester Namiwa made the call this afternoon during a press briefing in Lilongwe.

Earlier this week, Chakwera fired Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioners Linda Kunje and Jean Mathanga. In reaction, the opposition DPP has demanded nullification of the 2020 Fresh Presidential elections and has promised to go to court over the issue.

Namiwa at the press briefing said the commissioners and the DPP should move the courts in order to clear the current the mess the country has found itself in.

“CDEDI is challenging both the opposition DPP and the two MEC Commissioners to live by their word and indeed move the courts on the matter, since the two parties have publicly expressed interest to do so,” he said.

He, however, expressed concern that Malawian taxpayers could lose a lot of money through compensation if the two commissioners win the court case and through elections costs if the 2020 presidential elections are nullified and fresh elections held.

“It is a non-starter if you look at the current economic situation. So we are feeling very sorry for Malawians,” said Namiwa.

He then faulted Chakwera for failing to take the legal advice of Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe who advised the Chakwera administration that maintaining the two commissioners would be “neater and mature political pragmatism”.

Namiwa expressed fear that Chakwera is testing waters as he wants to introduce archaic and autocratic legislation.

He said: “This is why we think the sure way of getting out of this mess is for the courts to step in immediately.”