Amwenye open association

Rafiq Hajat

People of Asian origin have opened an association called the Asian Association of Maravi (AAM).

The association is an umbrella body encompassing most Asian institutions in the country and it is currently headed by renowned political analyst Rafiq Hajat.

According to Hajat, AAM’s vision is for an inclusively harmonious society predicated upon principles of tolerance understanding, flexibility and respect of the dignity of all persons.

Its mission is to strive for an enabling environment that fosters ethnic harmony and discourages xenophobia by using every means possible.

Meanwhile, the organisation has condemned an arrangement where Malmed Clinic dedicated an hour for the exclusive vaccination of Malawians of Asian origin.

The vaccination exercise which was scheduled for yesterday but was cancelled by Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda drew the anger of Malawians on social media.

Hajat said AAM did not sanction the exercise and the organisation deplore such differentiation based on ethnicity.

“This alleged prioritization on basis of ethnicity or status is distasteful in the extreme and is not condoned by the majority of the Asian community, who were not privy to this information and indeed recognize the need for a level playing field in all such matters,” said Hajat.