SOBO “tippex” competition


SOBO (Southern Bottlers) allegedly tippexed results of social media competition against a candidate that had over 450 likes in favour of another entry with a handful of likes and comments.

SOBO’s competition announcement

The company on December 30 last year posted on its Facebook page about a competition requiring people to post their 2020 SOBO moments.

“Picture with the most engagements wins a case of Orange or Pineapple 2 litre Squash,” the company said.

Competition winner on the right and removed post on the left

Social media user Beithar Chiumbuzo posted a picture of herself carrying a laptop on her lap and pouring SOBO into glass. The image has garnered 235 likes to this date.

Around the time the competition was announced, another social media user posted a picture of a woman pouring SOBO into glasses. The woman was with three children and they were sitting on the floor behind a house.

The image was removed hours after being posted. At the time it had received 473 likes.

Yesterday, SOBO announced Chiumbuzo as the winner of the competition.

“Ladies and gentlemen We have a winner!!! Congratulations Beithar Chiumbuzo Your post got the most likes,” the company posted.

The post has, however, been flooded with screenshots of the real winner and posts calling out the company for rigging the competition.

“Tell a friend to tell a friend. Osadzagulaso sobo.. Tippex mwaonjeza (Stop buying SOBO, they have tippexed the competition),” said Sackina Kwitanda.

While Trevinho Kawale said: “I loved Sobo koma apapa holiday kaye ndalama yanga simuionanso (I loved SOBO but I have stopped buying it) unless you apologise for that visible mess.”

SOBO has not commented on the allegations that have been levelled against the company.