Malawi Justice Minister calls for equal treatment at UN


Malawi Justice Minister Titus Mvalo has warned against imperialism and has called for equal treatment for all countries even when nations hold different views on issues at the United Nations.

Mvalo made the remarks at the 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday.

The minister said Malawi is a firm believer in multilateralism and as a member of the Human Rights Council the country shall uphold and protect fundamental international human rights, values and system.

“As members of the global community, we are much more united in common values as human beings endowed with rights and responsibilities by our creator. All nations large and small, powerful and not so powerful should enjoy equal treatment as we shape the United Nations that we want,” he said, adding later that there should be mutual respect as nations may hold different views on some issues.

Mvalo noted that the founders of United Nations 75 years ago set-in motion a path of multilateralism in solving global challenges.

He said the shape of the United Nations has guided and served nations well over the years but warned that the world of 1945 is radically different from today’s world.

“Therefore, all traces of imperialism or colonialism should not be prevalent today in any form or shape,” said Mvalo.

On human rights in Malawi, Mvalo said the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerable groups of Malawians. He said the government is assessing the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the health, education, economy and the labour market in Malawi to identify reforms that government could undertake to stimulate the economy and protect livelihoods.

“Several policy recommendations including: the need to enhance interventions towards social protection programmes and other fiscal bailouts targeting workers and small-scale businesses in the informal economy, cash transfers, providing support to people with underlying health conditions such as HIV/AIDS, and implementing labour market reforms have been proposed,” said Mvalo

He also noted that attacks on persons with albinism have resurfaced. He, however, expressed confidence that the combination of a firm constitutional framework, a robust legal and judicial structure, a thriving civil society, determined law enforcers and a people driven for a better desire for a better future will help fight and defeat this scourge.

During the speech, Mvalo said Malawi is determined to be an active and effective member of the Council.

He said: “We shall, therefore, constructively engage and remain strongly resolute towards a common goal in our role as Human Rights Council member in the promotion of Human Rights.”